What is TimeOffMinder?

TimeOffMinder is a free, open source, simple and effective web-based tool to efficiently manage employee/personnel time-off like vacation, sick, personal, etc. in small, medium and large enterprises/organizations.

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Latest version of TimeOffMinder: Version 2.3

How can I use TimeOffMinder at my company/organization?

You can use any one of the following methods to use TimeOffMinder:
  • The TimeOffMinder application is Free Software. It is distributed under the GNU Affero GPL License. You can download a copy of the TimeOffMinder application from SourceForge, install and run it yourself.

  • For a low monthly fee, you can use a hosted version supported and maintained by Essact. Your data will be regularly backed up and always available to you. Please contact support@essact.com to get started.

  • TimeOffMinder Appliance -- A Rackmount system completely loaded with the operating system, database, the TimeOffMinder application and all other required components. The appliance will be pre-configured and all you will have to do is to give it power and network connectivity. You can then begin to use it immediately.
    Please contact support@essact.com to avail this option.

  • Consultants from Essact can load the TimeOffMinder application on your computer systems, configure it and train your staff on its usage, maintenance and support.
    Please contact support@essact.com to avail this option.

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